Quick Start Requirements
Start publishing, building, and experimenting on the Geo Web today.
The Geo Web network is under beta development. That doesn't mean that you can't start using the Geo Web today to anchor digital content to the physical world though.
The testnet version of the Geo Web is live on the Ethereum Goerli network. Testnet publishing and browsing function just like our mainnet will, but without the economic incentives (freely available test tokens are used to transact in the land market). There are two interfaces that you can start experimenting with on the Geo Web today:
Below are the requirements to begin buying land and publishing on the Geo Web today:
If you encounter any issues, join our Discord server and send a message to the Geo Web team. We can help troubleshoot your setup, send you test tokens, etc. There are no bad questions!
  • Install and set up a wallet in the latest version of the MetaMask browser extension
  • Navigate to the Geo Web Cadastre
  • Switch to the Goerli Network in your MetaMask extension
    • If you don't see Goerli in your network list, you can enable the Ethereum testnets by navigating to Settings > Advanced and then toggling the "Show test networks" option.
Changing the Ethereum network connection in MetaMask
  • Click the Connect Wallet button on the Cadastre and then click Sign after reviewing the transaction
    • The Cadastre implements the Sign-In With Ethereum standard. The wallet address that you connect via MetaMask will serve as your "Geo Web account" for transacting in the land market.
  • Zoom in, pan to, or search for a location on Earth that you'd like to control on the Geo Web.
  • Single-click on an unclaimed coordinate on the map to begin your first transaction
    • Define your desired parcel shape and single-click again to lock it in
  • If you don't have any Goerli ETH, click the Request testnet ETH link found near the top right of screen in the Cadastre header.
  • Complete and submit the required land parcel fields in the transaction panel
  • Sign the triggered MetaMask transaction
  • After your transaction is confirmed on the network, the Cadastre will refresh to display your new Geo Web land parcel.
*Recommended, but not required - Install an IPFS node (Desktop or Command Line version) and the IPFS Browser Companion. Running an IPFS node on your machine means that Geo Web content publishing and resolution can be completed peer-to-peer rather than through a centralized gateway.
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