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Welcome to the Geo Web


The Geo Web is in live beta on Optimism. Check out the launch announcement!

The Geo Web is a public good augmented reality network.

On the Geo Web, publishers anchor digital content (images, videos, audio, or 3D objects) to physical locations using open, ownerless protocols. Users discover content in a universal browser on their smartphones, smartwatches, smartglasses, etc. based on their geolocation.

The Geo Web creates a persistent, virtual layer covering Earth that can be experienced as naturally as the physical world. Rather than experiences intermediated by siloed apps and proprietary app stores, we can create an augmented, shared reality with the Geo Web.

The network is organized into user-defined digital land parcel NFTs. The land market is administered with a system of property rights that encourages productive utility, open opportunity, and public goods funding.

The founding of the Geo Web is inspired by the open and democratizing nature of the early World Wide Web. Today, Web 2.0 is dominated by centralized powers (Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, etc.) that all too often abuse their monopoly positions, suppress innovation, and sell users' attention.

The Geo Web is part of the web3 movement that aims to reverse these trends by putting users in control of their own data and empowering direct participation in the value generated by shared networks/protocols.

We believe that now more than ever this is imperative; the next era of computing is always-on and always-connected. "Being on the internet" will be a continuous state rather than a discrete action with the adoption of smartglasses, smartwatches, and embedded computers. The Geo Web can become the "World Wide Web for Physical World" in this era. It can support healthier relationships with our technology, permissionless economic opportunities, and yet untold creative endeavors.

We hope that you'll join us on this journey as a user, contributor, educator, publisher, and/or creator. On this site, you'll find both technical and conceptual material to guide you through the rabbit hole to a better future on the internet.

In addition to this site, here are a few other important links to get you started with the Geo Web: