Parcel Monitoring & Notifications

A guide for setting up email notifications for Geo Web parcel transactions
The Geo Web's partial common ownership land market gives licensors 7 days to respond to incoming bids. To help avoid missing the response window after a rival bid, we suggest setting up notification emails for all the parcels in your portfolio.
This guide will walk through how to use Optimistic Etherscan's Watch List functionality to monitor all of your Geo Web parcels:
An Optimistic Etherscan account is required to use this functionality. If you don't have one yet, you can sign up for one here:
Use an email that you regularly monitor!
  1. 1.
    Log in to your Optimistic Etherscan account:
  2. 2.
    Search for and navigate to the wallet address that currently holds the parcel(s) you want to monitor.
  3. 3.
    Click on the Erc721 Token Txns tab within the wallet.
  4. 4.
    Geo Web parcels will be displayed as Geo Web Parcel License (GEOL) tokens in this list.
  5. 5.
    Click on the value shown under Txn Hash that corresponds to the Geo Web parcel/GEOL token you want to set notifications for.
If you don't know the TokenID of the parcel that you want to monitor, navigate to and click on the parcel on the Cadastre.
The Parcel ID displayed in the details window is the TokenID (in hexadecimal format). You can on the ID to open the corresponding GEOL token page on Optimistic Etherscan.
  1. 6.
    In the ERC-20 Tokens Transferred section of the transaction page, click on the To address for the smaller of the two ETHx token transfers. This transfer corresponds to your stream buffer deposit.
Optimistic Etherscan transaction page with notation to help find the stream buffer deposit for a Geo Web land claim
Finding the stream buffer deposit on a Geo Web land claim
  1. 7.
    Click on the address shown in the Filtered by Token Holder section found in the middle of the page.
Optimistic Etherscan filtered by address page with notation to help find the Geo Web parcel's BeaconProxy address
The "Filtered By" address corresponds to the parcel's BeaconProxy contract
  1. 8.
    This address/page corresponds to your parcel's to BeaconDimaond contract. It is the hub for any subsequent market transactions involving this parcel, so it is our target for monitoring.
  2. 9.
    Give your parcel's BeaconDiamond a custom name tag for easier tracking by clicking Update? in the More Info section of the page. Use something short and descriptive for the best display results throughout Etherscan.
Optimistic Etherscan page of a Geo Web parcel's BeaconProxy contract - notations to give it a name tag & enable notifications
We made it! This contract address is the hub of transactions involving the parcel.
  1. 10.
    Click the heart icon at the top-right of the More Info section.
  2. 11.
    On the following notification setup screen, enter the parcel name for the Description, select Notify on Incoming & Outgoing Txns, and check the Also Track ERC20 Token Transfers option.
Configuring the notifications settings to incoming, outgoing, and ERC20 tracking for Geo Web parcels
Naming and configuring your parcel monitoring notifications
  1. 12.
    You will now receive notification emails when your parcel's For Sale Price is adjusted or a bid is placed on it.
  2. 13.
    You can currently monitor up to 50 addresses for free, so repeat this process for your other parcels!
The Superfluid Dashboard & Console are other great tools to track and visualize your Geo Web parcels + streams.
Warning: Don't manually cancel your streams on the Superfluid Dashboard or your parcels will go into foreclosure!