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The CFAReclaimerdFacet implements the functions that define the Geo Web's foreclosure system.

This includes a 7-day Dutch auction which is initiated when a parcel's Network Fee stream runs dry or is canceled. This auction starts at the previous For Sale Price and lineraly decreases to 0 over the auction period.

The previous licensor can reclaim their parcel by setting a For Sale Price and opening the corresponding Network Fee stream. Other land market participants can assume control of the parcel by paying the previous licensor the current auction price and establishing their own For Sale Price and payment stream.



Contract Functions


Handles reclaiming of licenses that are no longer active


event LicenseReclaimed(address to, uint256 price)

Emitted when a license is reclaimed


function reclaimPrice() public view returns (uint256)

Current price to reclaim


function reclaim(uint256 maxClaimPrice, int96 newContributionRate, uint256 newForSalePrice) external

Reclaim an inactive license as msg.sender - Payer bid must be inactive - Must have permissions to create flow for bidder - Must have ERC-20 approval of payment token for claimPrice amount


maxClaimPriceuint256Max price willing to pay for claim. Prevents front-running
newContributionRateint96New contribution rate for license
newForSalePriceuint256Intented new for sale price. Must be within rounding bounds of newContributionRate