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Open Org Philosophy


Help shape the direction of the Geo Web and participate in governance on our forum.

Stakeholders can engage with the Geo Web on multiple levels. There are those that will consume and publish content on the network. Some will build applications and offer services for the network. And others will contribute to the core protocols, standards, and community.

A huge part of the Geo Web's core value proposition is that anyone, anywhere can innovate and create value on the network without gatekeepers. So while we've described the network as a permissionless public good throughout this documentation, we've mostly focused on the user, publisher, and entrepreneur roles.

But, the composition of the group of people building the network's infrastructure will ultimately have huge influence on its character. "You ship your org chart." So, we aspire for the Geo Web's core contributor group to be inclusive and permissionless where possible (reminder: there isn't a profit-seeking entity or investors backing the Geo Web, so we maintain maximum latitude).

Decentralization is a term used within crypto networks to describe this ideal in both technology and organizations. It's often more easily said than done well. That's why we insert the caveat "where possible" above. The founding contributors of the project are committed to progressive decentralization, but it won't happen overnight.

We will continue to expand network governance transparency and participation. We will seek to implement credibly neutral mechanisms to sustain the core development and community building required to make the Geo Web a success. We will also continue to explore market-based solutions to allocate network funds.

We have much to figure out in this arena. But even at this stage, the net result is that if you want to get involved, you can. We don't have the beautifully scalable solutions yet, but you'll be welcomed with open arms if you want to contribute to core development, community building, design, governance, app building, etc. Just join our Discord and let us know about yourself!