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Governance at Launch

Last Update: November 29, 2022


Help shape the direction of the Geo Web and participate in governance on our forum.

The Geo Web project will be progressively decentralized.

At launch, the Geo Web smart contracts and treasury funds will be stewarded by a 3/4 Safe multi-sig. The Safe is on the Optimism network and can be viewed here: oeth:0x8FC4308da9310479dF48ef77142Eef05c363e099.

The initial signing group consists of two founding project contributors:

Each signer has committed to the following statement of responsibility:


As a Geo Web Safe signer, I affirm the statements and commit to fulfilling the responsibilities that follow to the best of my abilities:

  1. I have no personal claim on the assets or code controlled by the Geo Web Safe, but instead am serving in this role as a representative of the public’s interest.
  2. I will evaluate and vote on proposed transactions based on their impact on the “good of the public” which may include difficult trade-offs.
  3. I will only allocate network funds toward public goods and/or credibly neutral incentive mechanisms that aim to promote positive-sum outcomes.
  4. I will promptly engage with emergency transaction proposals should they arise such as when end-user assets or treasury funds are at risk.
  5. I will engage with vetted treasury proposals and planned enhancements to the core contracts, so as to not create undue delays.
  6. I will take industry-expected steps to maintain the security and sole control of my signing wallet(s).
  7. I agree to have my wallet address(es) and name listed publicly for transparency.
  8. I will inform my fellow Safe signers if I develop a conflict of interest or if I believe that I can no longer serve in the role effectively, so that a replacement signer may take my place.
  9. I acknowledge that this role is temporary. I may be removed by my fellow signers at any time for violations of this agreement or any other reason.
  10. I will push to progressively decentralize the project and minimize the scope of signers’ responsibilities. :::

In time, other web3 community members who share the Geo Web's values (who may or may not be actively working on the project) will be added to the multi-sig to further distribute responsibility. Ultimately, the multi-sig itself should be replaced with vetted alternative mechanisms.