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Geo Web DAO


This DAO is no longer in use, but we're keeping the documentation up for reference. As of writing, the Geo Web core contributors don't have plans to implement a coin voting or membership DAO for the foreseeable future. Governance mechanisms for the protocol will likely be rolled out incrementally and will focus on enabling wide, fair, and effective participation.

The Geo Web DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) is an entity established to help support transparent governance of the Geo Web network. The first iteration is an Aragon DAO on the xDAI network found here:

The DAO is established as a Membership DAO with each member receiving a non-transferrable ERC-20 token that entitles the holder to one vote in all matters proposed within the DAO.

Current members can invite additional members to join the DAO by proposing a token distribution vote. Additional members will be invited and evaluated on the basis of demonstrated interest, contributions, and alignment with the Geo Web’s mission.

Initially, the DAO will be used for binding on-chain and signal voting related to financial matters of the network. The DAO will vote on matters such as SourceCred distributions, creation of open bounties, and contributor stipends funded through grants (like Gitcoin) and network funds.

The DAO may eventually evolve into the entity (or entities) responsible for end-to-end stewardship of the project's funds, technology, and other assets. The DAO/project founders (for transparency: Cody Hatfield and Graven Prest) are committed to an exit-to-community strategy, but what optimal final form(s) that takes remains to be seen.