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Who owns the Geo Web?

No one and everyone owns the Geo Web.

All of its protocols are open-source. The user interfaces that we're initially building are also open-source and non-exclusive. We aren't building a for-profit corporation around the Geo Web to monetize services, features, or hosting (although others are empowered to do so). Geo Web contributors will steward the protocols to maximize permissionless opportunity on the network rather than for personal private gain.

The world is full of smart, creative, diverse, and driven people. The internet and the World Wide Web have shown the power of providing neutral, permissionless rails on which the world's population can collaborate, build, and compete.

The internet and World Wide Web’s minimalist protocol designs were key to scaling the networks to billions of devices and across years of hardware, software, and use case innovation. The protocols had contemporary competitors that were more opinionated, had more features, and/or had proprietary backing. Yet the open, neutral, and decentralized approaches became the de facto standards.

We aim for this lesson to hold true for the three-dimensional iteration of a global information network as well.

The narrow waist of the Geo Web network is the Geo Web's Digital Land Registry. It creates the necessary coordination and consensus for global network scale without specifying the hardware and software used throughout the rest of the stack. By including credibly neutral economic incentives in the core protocols (something the internet and WWW don't have), we can supercharge the dynamic of permissionless innovation and counteract centralizing forces.

We simply believe that we will go further together than those that attempt to privatize, exclude, and go it alone.